icleanmemory 七月 5th, 2011



i just installed new version of icleanmemory

doesnt work anymore

there is that new startup window where you can tag it

and then the sw is running in background



Sorry, You can Use it in follow steps.

1 Open terminal  in /Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app

2 type 

   open ~/library/Preferences/

  in Terminal

3 find com.tinylq.iCleanMemory.plist  and delete it




3 Responses to “icleanmemory”

  1. John On

    hello..is it possible to add automatically clean memory feature if memory drain some level?
    I mean when free memory turn below 50mb (or something that we can set) app automatically clean memory

  2. Joel On

    Would you please upgrade your Growl framework so it will work with the newest Growl? I did it myself and it works fine, but others might want the function.

  3. Wes Wait On

    Just purchased Iclean memory - is it the same as "purge memory"? I have one app that needs its config purged periodically and yosemite now stores configs in memory and want the quickest way to do this. This seems to take much longer than "sudo purge" via terminal.

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